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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering for your Community, your friends, and your health. Why is Volunteering important?

CARES is always looking for highly energetic, spirited individuals looking to give back to their respective communities and help maintain the balance of harmony between those looking for help, health and education.

Volunteering with CARES helps you connect to others by aiding those in need. By directly tackling preventable health issues through education and affordable testing we strive to support those in wishing to better their own soundness, or alleviate the unknown through support and teaching.

Even if you are not certified to administer testing, there are many opportunities to share through CARES. Delivering materials to local businesses, schools and government facilities. Setting up locally sponsored events, and coordinating with speakers and registered officials.

Contact CARES today to find out more about how you can participate in this locally operated and funded organization.