In June 2011, CDC announced a new five-year HIV prevention funding opportunity that better aligns HIV prevention funding to the current geographic burden of the U.S. HIV epidemic. Funding for health departments in states, territories, and selected cities is now allocated to each area based on the number of people living with an HIV diagnosis in the area. Additionally, the majority of funding is directed to the prevention activities that are most likely to have a significant and lasting impact on the HIV epidemic, including HIV testing and comprehensive prevention and care services for HIV-infected individuals and their partners. The first-year awards were announced in January 2012.


Testing is critical to the nation’s prevention strategy. It is the only way to identify the nearly one in seven Americans living with HIV who do not know they are infected, and it is the first step in connecting them to the prevention, care, and treatment services they need. Expanding HIV testing, especially among the populations with the highest rates of HIV infection, is an integral and cost-effective component of U.S. prevention efforts.



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